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Baseball fans likely know Nolan Ryan, and many can correctly identify him as the all-time leader in strike-outs (having struck-out 5,714 batters). But how many people know he is also the all-time leader in walks? Those who like baseball stats probably also know he threw a record 7 no-hitters. Yet, Mr. Ryan also had aRead More

Non-profit professionals who enroll in our MBA program have an extraordinary opportunity: Our faculty will assist them in raising money for their ventures; and help secure tuition funding from charitable foundations. Social entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals will incur no out-of-pocket tuition expense while pursuing their MBA at Kenney College. Why is Kenney College the onlyRead More

Our MBA students hear it early in their program: Try not to mix business and your political opinions (unless, of course, you’re in the business of politics). Doing so runs the risk of alienating some existing and future customers; and can cause needless drama within organizations. Towards the end of their MBA, our students studyRead More

There is something known as the knowing-doing gap, which many entrepreneurs will experience during their careers. This phenomenon occurs when we know we need to do something to achieve a desired outcome, but we do not do it. Today we will discuss the science behind developing positive habits. Developing Healthy Habits In 1960, a plasticRead More