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I like Linkedin. However, as an educator…I feel it might be doing more harm than good. The problem I see: Well meaning professionals want to teach others without a fully developed understanding of the sciences of management, marketing, or communication etc. The possible result: Readers implementing bad tactics in practice. For example, I recently reviewedRead More

We are an industry that teaches students not to be judgemental; to avoid stereotyping; and to appreciate innovation and diversity. Yet, a reader will find daily posts and articles that — either expressly or tacitly — attack proponents of a different economic philosophy. We see this most starkly when discussing the merits of for-profit andRead More

Consider this: The mightiest oak was once a humble acorn. Now, think more deeply and recognize the reality: That oak is the acorn. The acorn is the oak. The mighty oak is simply an acorn at a later stage of development. An entrepreneur can see the oak in the acorn. This is the energy andRead More

Student debt is currently at an all-time high of $1.2 Trillion. Studies suggest that many college graduates who would like to attend graduate school defer due to the prospect of accumulating more debt. This reality has negative social and economic ramifications for both students and society, since graduate degrees are proven to increase income; andRead More