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I like Linkedin. However, as an educator…I feel it might be doing more harm than good. The problem I see: Well meaning professionals want to teach others without a fully developed understanding of the sciences of management, marketing, or communication etc. The possible result: Readers implementing bad tactics in practice. For example, I recently reviewedRead More

We are an industry that teaches students not to be judgemental; to avoid stereotyping; and to appreciate innovation and diversity. Yet, a reader will find daily posts and articles that — either expressly or tacitly — attack proponents of a different economic philosophy. We see this most starkly when discussing the merits of for-profit andRead More

Consider this: The mightiest oak was once a humble acorn. Now, think more deeply and recognize the reality: That oak is the acorn. The acorn is the oak. The mighty oak is simply an acorn at a later stage of development. An entrepreneur can see the oak in the acorn. This is the energy andRead More

Service providers, imagine you go to a car dealership. You see a new Cadillac and ask to take a test drive. The dealer says “Sure, that will be $29”. The dealer’s logic: He has a valuable asset. What if you drive the car; and use his resources (including his valuable time) but do not buy?Read More