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Student debt is currently at an all-time high of $1.2 Trillion. Studies suggest that many college graduates who would like to attend graduate school defer due to the prospect of accumulating more debt. This reality has negative social and economic ramifications for both students and society, since graduate degrees are proven to increase income; andRead More

Ask any marketing educator or consultant his/her pet peeve and you might find this is it: They dedicate careers to studying science of marketing and their advice to students/clients is ignored. This phenomenon is especially prevalent when it comes to the topic of price discounting. Marketing practitioners — especially those in retail — often likeRead More

Did you ever see a textbook filled with highlighted passages? Of, have you ever re-read the same passage several times in an attempt to remember it? When it comes to learning….both these efforts have been proven ineffective. Many people believe highlighting and re-reading works because it seems obvious. Yet, the evidence doesn’t support it. IfRead More

Baseball fans likely know Nolan Ryan, and many can correctly identify him as the all-time leader in strike-outs (having struck-out 5,714 batters). But how many people know he is also the all-time leader in walks? Those who like baseball stats probably also know he threw a record 7 no-hitters. Yet, Mr. Ryan also had aRead More